Commerical  Puka Toaster®

Put a toasted Square Hole "Puka" in you Bun.

  • The buns are placed in stainless steel baskets that are precisely centered over the spikes. The bun baskets are then forced and held down over hot toasting spikes.
  • Approximately 6 seconds at 400-degrees produces a toasted square hole, hoyo or puka.
  • The square hole is large enough to accommodate all hot dogs up to and including the 1/4-pound sausage. The hot dog fits in the hole and allows your favorite condiment to be placed in the neat pockets in the corners of the hole.
  • Patent Servers are protected from the 400-degree temperature of the hot spikes by a stainless steel shield.
  • A natural compliment to your commercial hot roller.

    • Provides the ability to produce a Signature Item "Dashboard Dog"
    • The square shape of the hole, hoyo or puka provides approximately 25% more volume for condiments than a round hole.
    • Produces a unique internal caramelized and warm bun.
    • Two buns can be caramelized simultaneously in usually in two to six seconds depending on the degree of caramelizing desired.
    • The factory preset temperature control eliminates quality problems in service.
    • The small size requires approximately 1 square foot of counter space.
    • A perforated heat shield provides maximum employee protection.
    • The easy removal of the heat shield permits quick cleaning of bread crumbs.
    • The stainless steel construction will not rust, corrode or become contaminated.
    • Smooth and balanced operation insures exact center location on the toasted hole.
    • Less than 10 cents per hour to operate.
    • The Hole-e-Toaster makes a hole for a American style hot dog, a puka for a Hawaiian style hot dog and a hoyo for a Mexican style hot dog.
    • No Mess, the cleanest and easiest way to eat any style of hot dog.

    The Hole-e-Toaster is the world's first commercially available contact  toaster to put a caramelized square hole, hoyo or puka in one end and down the length (without puncturing the other end) of a custom hot dog bun.